Why thank you for asking @bjnovak would LOVE to share my thoughts!
  1. Meryl - The eternal maternal, the high priestess of the silver screen, the one, the only, the Streep. She can take garbage movies and make them great (hi, Iron Lady!) or she can take amazing movies and make them better (No Doubt about it!). She's every woman, it's all in her. Eat, Sleep, Streep bb.
  2. Jessica Chastain - I remember the first time seeing her on screen in The Tree Of Life, it was an okay movie, but I fell madly in love with Jessica. She's brimming with charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, and I think she makes great choices of films to act in.
  3. Joaquin Phoenix - He's so alive and present on screen, it feels so raw to watch him act. He has the virile strength and vulnerability to take any role and add greater depth and complexity to it. His friendship with PTA doesn't hurt either, I know he has good taste.
  4. Gene Hackman - I wish he wasn't retired! He's endlessly transforming as an actor and such a happy sight as an audience member. Whenever Hackman comes on in a movie you almost feel more at ease. I love his early great films like French Connection, and his latter works like Royal Tenenbaums. But my fave is his TRANSCENDENT work in The Birdcage.
  5. Diane Keaton - There's no one quite like her, her energy is so unique to the screen. She's not really a "type" in anyway, but she is a fabulous actress and if her crying scenes in Something's Gotta Give dont make you sob I don't know what will.
  6. Cate/Kate - The Ckates aka Winslet and Blanchett. They're gorgeous and tremendous and I adore them.
  7. Oprah - LET ME LIVE
  8. Chris Pratt - If I'm going to see some silly summer blockbuster it better fucking have Chris Pratt in it. That's all.