I've learned these through osmosis.
  1. 10. "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead" - Death, responsibility, children... it's practically a Grimm fairy tale. This film affected a lot of her early music, and the song "Venus As A Boy" may be about that guy who drives the clown car.
  2. 9. "The First Wives Club" - A testament to the power of female friendships, and Bjork absolutely dies at the bit about Goldie Hawn's lips. Bjork watches this every time a summer's chill sweeps the Icelandic landscape.
  3. 8. "Beyond The Lights" - Bjork hates when movies don't get the critical acclaim that they deserve... Bjork really fucking hates that...
  4. 7. "Finding Nemo" - Once at this rando bar in Turkey Bjork found Nemo on her Sashimi plate and then planted a tree in the middle of the restaurant as penance.
  5. 6. "Copycat" - Sigourney Weaver. That's all.
  6. 5. "The Girl Next Door" - Bjork is an unabashed lover of all things Emile Hirsch and this glorious love story about a porn star with a heart of gold and a high school student with attitude is sheer magic in her eyes.
  7. 4. "Star Wars" - The sheer thought of giant stars sassing each other and blowing each other up makes Bjork shriek with giggles (she's never seen 'Star Wars')
  8. 3. "Just My Luck" - Lilo is rumored to have inspired the song "Wanderlust". They're also rumored to be touring together next year.
  9. 2. "The Legend Of Bagger Vance"
  10. 1. "White Chicks" - What is identity? Who are we? As humans? As races? This is the film that inspired her album 'Vespertine'. It's the film that has most inspired Bjork. And possibly, just maybe, all of us?