Cuz yay!
  1. I'm so happy and grateful and I know that I stand on the shoulders of giants and that some people have waited their whole lives for this.
  2. My next door neighbors growing up were a lesbian couple and I talked to them today and they could barely speak from crying. They never thought in a million years this day would come.
  3. I'm nowhere near marriage, hell I'm not even close to getting laid, but I'm a hopeless romantic and seeing all of these couples flock to the courthouse is so beautiful.
  4. Growing up I thought that I'd just hide being gay my whole life so I'd never have to deal with it. That thought makes me smile and laugh.
  5. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is EVERYTHING. *Drops Mic*
  6. I felt so lonely and shameful about being gay growing up but now my facebook feed and imessages and voicemails are all filled to the brim with love and I can't help thinking about how nice it is that we can change and grow.
  7. Cheers to the lgbt community and allies who actually put the work into making this happen for all of us.
  8. Thanks for all the Listapp love!
  9. I guess I'm just a regular white guy in your average patriarchal society now :/