Maybe they have words for these in other languages?
  1. You've been feeling nostalgic all day and you're awash in self-pity and then suddenly you remember that you're in your favorite period of your life so far and *poof* all the anxiety dissipates.
  2. It's the first day of cold weather and the leaves have all changed golden yellows and lipstick reds and you can feel the earth starting over again, and you're ready too.
  3. Everyone tells you to watch this movie and you've been dreading it with every fiber of your being because it looks so dull, but then it starts and it's glorious and you've never been happier to be proved wrong.
  4. You've had a cold for three weeks and are finally healthy again and something terrible happens, but you handle it exceptionally well because you're just so happy not to have snot dribbling down your chin.
  5. Something remarkable happens to a dear friend and you're so happy and excited for them that it feels like it's happening to you as well.
  6. When you haven't felt gorgeous in months and a bright young man walks up because he, "loves the way you laugh" and suddenly you feel as glamorous as Rita Hayworth in "Lady From Shanghai".
  7. When an acquaintance mentions that you seem like you've "got it all figured out" and you feel a small thrill that you've fooled someone.
  8. When you listen to Christmas music in October and you think of comebacks to imaginary fights with friends over how early you're listening to, "Baby, It's Cold Outside".
  9. When you've been writing for four hours straight and re-enter the actual real world which you felt like you took an extended vacation from.
  10. When someone special says that they find your bad habits "quaint" but you can still envision the future fights you'll have over them.
  11. When you're upset with someone and you know that you could easily get over it but the anger feels too good to let go of.
  12. You've been waiting so patiently on a boy to text you and you're just about to give in and lose all self-respect, when miraculously, out of the sky, he texts you an alluring, "what's up?"
  13. The first time you walk around New York City and you're kind of scared but also in awe and totally at peace with how many ppl there are in the world.
  14. A person you thought would be the same way forever makes an astronomical change for the better and you have a renewed belief in the ability for yourself to change as well.
  15. When you're so annoyed/irritated at something so petty and stupid it only furthers your anger for being angry at something so ridiculous in the first place.
    Suggested by @teeairawr
  16. You've written a book you're really proud of and you've secured an agent. One of the characters is inspired by a friend of yours. You send it to her, and you wait.
    Suggested by @bookishclaire
  17. When you made yourself up the usual way every morning and an elderly neighbour gets into the lift with you and remarked how beautiful you are that moment and she just keeps on smiling at your existence at that time
    Suggested by @aida