1. I wasn't sexual until WAY late; I didn't even know I was gay until I was 16, I was far too concerned with Pokemon and Tarantino films.
  2. My sexuality came into bloom while in rehearsals for Chess: The Musical (I know). This gorgeous, athletic black man came into dance rehearsal and for the first time in my life I wanted to have sex. Like then and there.
  3. That man was Chris Glenn and I immediately let go of all notions of heterosexuality because I knew, for sure for sure, that what I wanted was this 6'4 college goer who was 5 years older than I.
  4. Chris had a boyfriend. I found out when I offered to do a Starbucks run for the cast and asked him to come along (Indianapolis only had two Starbucks at this time if you can believe). We got to talking about Wicked and he mentioned his bf was auditioning for the tour. (Cool whatever like I even care)
  5. Later that summer I drank (like DRANK DRANK) for the first time and found myself swimming alone in the pool at our cast party. I was staring up at the stars but Chris thought I had drowned and dived into the pool in a rescue attempt. Even though I was fine, he decided I shouldn't be swimming anyway and picked me up and carried me inside.
  6. That night his bf picked him up and I made out with his stupid friend Brett who I found annoying.
  7. Then I noticed Chris was pissed at me the next day at the show; he wouldn't look at me! I realized I'd made him jealous. I'll never forget that moment. That's when I knew he could be mine if I played my cards right.
  8. And so I weaseled my way into friendship with Chris, waiting for the day when he'd be single and I could make my move.
  9. At the end of the summer when Chris was soon to be heading back to Terra Haute (bleck) to finish school we decided to have a final "hang out sesh". We played video games. After about an hour of playing Chris paused the game mid-level, turned to me and said, "I broke up with Isaac because I can't stop thinking about kissing you, may I?
  10. The next weekend I was in Terra Haute visiting Chris, my boyfriend. We had the dorm all to ourselves. Chris put on Portishead and lit a thousand tea lights and then began the daunting process of helping me lose my v.
  11. Chris was a big boy. But he was also a gentleman. We took our time, it was probably an hour before we could even get down to business.
  12. I didn't know how to have gay sex or what it looked like and I'm so glad I was dating someone older who could walk me through it bc that shit is complicated.
  13. Chris and I dated for two years and we remain friends to this day.
  14. After he and I broke up we still got together every New Years to have sex. We haven't in a while but it was a fun tradition while it lasted.