1. Trying to pass ppl on the sidewalk
  2. Trying to pass ppl on the 101
  3. Waiting for ppl who are gluten free to order
  4. Making small talk with new ppl
  5. Watching The Big Bang Theory
  6. Exercising (in all forms)
  7. Living before I've had coffee
  8. Deciphering IKEA instructions
  9. Making space on the iPhone so I can take a picture
  10. Communicating negative feelings
  11. Flirting over text
  12. Going on a first date
  13. Pretending I approve of someone's insane life choices
  14. Flying
  15. Trying to go to sleep
  16. Watching True Detective Season 2
  17. Paying $18 to see a film at the Arclight
  18. At a concert with no seat
  19. Looking at Donald Trump news
  20. Discussing gun control with my aunt
  21. Having to pee at the bookstore
  22. Asking the wifi code at the cafe
  23. Listening to ppl who are monologuers
  24. Trying to eat more vegetables
  25. Making plans for anything more than 5 days in advance