We never thought it'd happen for "To Kill A Mockingbird" so let's reach for the stars here people!
  1. West Of Eden - Honestly no one cares about eastsiders, no offense (too real).
  2. Low Expectations - I mean, after Pip and Estella boo up and have kids, that's pretty much the end of their lives, right?
  3. Peace and more Peace - Once Nikolai and Pierre are both booed up and chillin, they realize that peace is kind of boring? And then they start the Decemberist revolt.
  4. Hamlet 2 - In this sequel Hamlet gets a time machine with Jesus and decides to go back in time to right all of the wrongs done to his family.
  5. The (not so secret) Garden - It's now a tourist trap, but my god the coney dogs are brilliant.
  6. The Crush-ibles - That's right, Mrs. Proctor was a witch all along motherfuckers, and there's gonna be hell to pay when she comes back from the dead and finds her husband all burnt up. It's crushing time!
  7. The Awakened - After Edna dies she has a choice to go to heaven or to sit on Gloria Steinem's shoulder and help with the feminist movement. Guess which one she picks!
  8. The Phantom Of The Movie Theater - After the Phantom gets into the movie business he becomes really popular, but after several females complain of harassment he never works in this industry again because that's how right and wrong work and to keep letting him make movies would be fucked up.
  9. Dr. Pan - After Peter impregnates Wendy, they have a long talk about his priorities and it's decided that they'll leave Neverland for Essex and Peter will go to medical school.
  10. A Plant Dies In Park Slope - After Francie's rent goes up for the first time in 50 years, she's forced to let her nephew grow hydroponics in her attic to help cover costs. When the plants die due to a mix up in food, Francie too is forced out onto the streets to face the New Nu-York.