I don't smoke weed all that much, but I do have some beautiful memories of the times I have smoked.
  1. β€’
    1. Chicago, Grant Park. 2009. It was snowing and all the boys from college bundled up and headed to the park to try salvia for the first time. It fucked us all up. Not 5 minutes after we lit the kush sprinkled with salvia we were all in our own world. For me, Grant Park turned into Mario 64. πŸ„πŸ’―
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    2. Brownsburg High School. 2006. I was assistant directing The Sound Of Music and bored out of my mind by the whole affair, a junior took me outside and let me take a puff from her one-hitter, I thought I was so cool. I came back and gave great blocking notes.
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    3. Indianapolis, Gregs. 2010. I showed up wasted to a nightclub called Gregs to see a friend in town, we smoked a bowl on the dance floor and when "Firework" came on we both turnt that dance floor out. Stomped and twirled like there was no tomorrow.
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    4. Indiana, Lakehouse. 2011. My friend, Anthony and I are both indoor cats so instead of joining in the summer revelry, we sat in the screened porch drinking and smoking and playing War (the card game). We did that for the entire day until about 2 am. My god, I don't know why it was so fun.
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    5. Hollywood Forever, Lana concert. 2014. My friend Vince and I walked through the tombstones and smoked a blunt while Lana warbled about, "blue hydrangeas and cashmere divine". Heaven.