1. New York - Before her album did any of you even know this place existed?!
  2. Red - That's her fucking color, do not mess with that, that's a signature.
  3. Woods - Before Meryl went into them, Taylor got out of them, and then bought them, and then chopped them down and sold the firewood to Wal-Mart.
  4. Style - Harry better watch his back bc once she trademarks his last name he officially becomes her property.
  5. Control - obviously she needs to trademark this word so that it can't be used against her!
  6. The - she uses this a lot so that would be convenient
  7. And - same
  8. Wasp - Not the bug, but the personality type
  9. Freedom - Again, she doesn't need this used against her
  10. Cat - they're hers now