I mean let's be real Julie (her friends call her that) will most likely (definitely) be winning the Oscar this season for "Still Alice". About time. Obvi. But here is what she SHOULD have won for-
  1. Far From Heaven - It's Julie's favorite role she's ever played, and it's auteur de jour Todd Haynes' opus reworking of classic Douglas Sirk films. A 1950's housewife with a crush on a black guy and a gay husband? This is Julie's meat and potatoes!
  2. Boogie Nights - It might be my fuzzy recollection but I feel like this movie is the one that sent Julie into orbit. Playing a drug-addled mama porn star she added warmth and heart and also became the darling of the film world. A show-stopping performance in a movie chock full of them.
  3. A Single Man - She only has two major scenes and isn't in the film more than 10 minutes, but boy does she fill those ten minutes with a boozy, socialite fervor that fizzes the movie with enough moxie and aplomb even for my taste palette. A genuine two scene tour de force.
  4. The Hours - My god. What a movie. I rewatched it again last week and was overwhelmed by its poignancy. Every performance is terrific, but Julie's role as the mother that must break away from the conventions of her time is an astounding performance to see - delicate, nuanced, and heart wrenching.
  5. The End Of The Affair - A movie with the switcheroo point of view before it became cool in "Gone Girl" this is Julie at her most vulnerable and heartbreaking, playing a woman with secrets buried in an affair that has to end. I love this forgotten gem and it's a great early performance.
  6. Jurassic Park 2 - This is just to show you about how serious I am taking this. Julie should have won for THIS over "Still Alice". Sorry. Fighting CGI dinosaurs features more skilled acting than having Alzheimer's.