It's produced by @hellogiggles and @sophia and starts at 10 p.m. This Saturday (The 18th)!
  1. It's a pop culture panel where we'll discuss the highlights of cultural shenanigans from March and April! That means Jinx, Going Clear, Hillary Clinton, and all the other juicy news that makes life so rich.
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  2. I'll be your host and emcee (and may be wearing this outfit again)
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  3. It's a Listapp family affair! Both @LeslieGrossman and @esther will be on the panel! Hi, ladies!
  4. This is the FIRST time that the HelloGiggles show hasn't been a storytelling format.
  5. @sophia will warmly embrace each and every List-Apper in attendance.
  6. There will be prizes (not good ones, but)
  7. If you're planning on "going out" on Saturday just think of this as your pregame for the evening.
  8. There's nothing better than gib gabbing with your friends over silliness and that's how this show will feel. Hope to see you!
  9. You can buy tickets with this link that I don't know how to get working !