YazzzZZzzzz kweens - No tea, No shade, No pink lemonade, but here are my Top 5 (Thus Far)
  1. Pearl Liaison - I love her apathetic "no can do" attitude paired with her glorious eleganza and NYC fashyouns. So far she's almost fallen asleep during two cat walks and that shonda la slays my funny bone.
  2. Trixie Mattel - Trixie looks like a drag version of the clown from "It" but cunnie she's smart as a whip and funny to 👢. I think she could laugh her way to the Top 3.
  3. Katya - Okay so what she already almost got eliminated! Jiggly Caliente almost got eliminated every week and she still made to the Top 6! I think Katya is a Russian princess, sheik in the streets, freak in the sheets, chic w/ brows on fleek, well rounded drag kween👸
  4. Kennedy Davenport - Though she has yet to give much personality I know miss thing can kick them heels high, bc I saw a bootleg video now gal, and I also know she can lipsync 4 everybody's mofo lyfe! Amentz! Plus she looks like the best mix of Oprah and Cookie Lyons🍪🍪🍪 doin it all 4 the cookie!
  5. Violet Chachki - I'ma be real, this gurl has been annoying af the past two challenges but 4 sum reason she can turn it OUT on that runway I swear to gawd she be wearing me out with them looks! She masticated me w/ that tartan jumper nowwww!!!