After all it is Variety's Power Of Women Panel today.
  1. Mom - Good god, someone get this woman a medal. Raised her kids while working full time and going to medical school, never missed a show or a performance, helped with homework, but was never intrusive, and was always in on the joke. She and I still talk nearly every day.
  2. Sister - POWERFUL WOMAN. This girl was the only female in her organic chemistry bs while at Purdue. She spent two years after that living in Ghana setting up libraries for children. Next she began work at a homeless shelter for LGBT youth in Chicago. Now she's a therapist for sexual assault victims.
  3. @mia - Mia is a life force in my world. She's a work horse that never ceases and she's a constant well of vitality and light. When we were in college I'd quite often be boozing or high and I'd go and say hello and she'd be working on some assignment and having such fun, she knows the joy of work.
  4. Aunt Lynnie - When I told my aunt I was gay she didn't look up from scrambling eggs, but just sighed and said, "duh". Lynnie was my muse growing up, she let me watch Woody Allen, taught me all about antiquing, knew the best places to get coffee, and treated me like an adult who knew as much as she.
  5. Meryl - I should probably never meet this woman bc of all the expectations I have of her, but it's just nice to have a cultural figure who you think the world of! Whenever I'm low I can put on a Meryl movie and cheer up. She's our best living actor and she's fucking chic as hell. More Oscars I say!
  6. Lil' Edie - My muse during my college years, I wore a yellow purse and said, "I've got to find this Libra man," a ton.
  7. Oprah - People always wanna talk shit about Oprah but I will defend that her till my death. Watch one episode of Super Soul and you can see that she really does want to help people. The book clubs, the shows, the network, the mag. Yes, there prob is some ego in there but I know it's from the heart.
  8. J.K. Rowling - We all know the story. She's magic.