As another radiant season draws to a close (tonight!) I thought it'd be lovely to take a look back at some especially wondrous episodes in a series that continues to inspire.
  1. Pilot - Let's start at the "voice of a generation" heard 'round the world! "Girls" came in like a wrecking ball in 2012, but besides the fun cultural discussions it provoked everywhere, it also happened to be a stunningly poignant and often hysterical pilot with a great winking authorial tone.
  2. S.1 Ep 3 "All Adventurous Women Do" - This was our fabulous first introduction to Elijah, and the genesis of "All adventurous women do" concerning Hannah and her recently diagnosed HPV. I truly think that episode made a lot of ppl examine that particular stigma in an insightful new light. Kudos.
  3. S. 2 Ep 3 "Bad Friend" - Hannah and Elijah's night of revelry goes awry when Elijah reveals he recently slept with Marnie. What I love about this Ep is how the revelation frees Hannah from the guilt she feels about always being the, "bad friend". Also, "It's Wednesday night baby and I'm alive!"
  4. S. 2 Ep 5 "One Man's Trash" - A lot has been said about this episode so I'll be short and sweet - I love that they switched up the structure in such an impactful way, and I hope all of us has a moment of clarity as beautiful as Hannah's 💕
  5. S. 2 Ep 9 "On All Fours" - This Ep devastated me more than the season 2 finale of "Buffy". First, a round of applause for the use of Fiona Apple's "Valentine". Now, let's talk about how tragic it was to see Adam and his new gf's sex abuse fiasco disaster. "I really didn't like that". Haunting/Genius
  6. S. 3 Ep 7 "Beach House" - Never before has any of the girls laid the hammer down like Shosh in this Ep. "That duck tasted like a used condom and I wanna forget about it!" DIED. Fascinating to watch the girls implode on one another right at the end of the season.
  7. S. 3 Ep 12 "Two Plane Rides" - I wanted to do this list bc of this ep. In it, Hannah gets accepted to Iowa, and in spite her relationship coming unglued, finds peace in following her dreams. I adored this plot line for Hannah. I felt renewed by seeing her as a heroine in the series.
  8. S. 4 Ep 2 "Triggering" - Our first taste of Iowa was both scathing and delicious. Remind me never to join a writer's circle. And how do we find our own Elijah!? This Ep is great because it subverts your expectations in every which way and also allows one of its supporting stars a brilliant shine✨
  9. S. 4 Ep 5 "Sit - In" - This episode is all about the final bow from Hannah, "...but maybe don't call me kid anymore". Simple and impactful, which is exactly what "Girls" does so well.
  10. S. 4 Ep 8 "Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz" - HANNAH'S DAD IS GAY FYI 👀!! And he tells Hannah's mom, Loreen, at her tenure party. Living for this "Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Moment.