This IS my visual board
  1. Reads for pleasure - Doesn't mean he has to be chomping on Infinite Jest all the time, by all means read a Harry Potter but just enjoy it!
  2. Is on his phone less than I am - I know I'm on my phone too much but that just means my bf will balance that out by never being on his!!
  3. Is ALMOST as attractive as I am - but just like the tinsiest bit not there yet.
  4. Pays bills/Good credit/responsible with money 💸
  5. Kind - It's fun for gay males to be snarky and sassy and everything has its season but if there isn't a genuine vulnerability and heart then no dice.
  6. Funny - I am funny. You are funny. We make each other laugh. This should be the thread that binds the other bits. One of my favorite things ever said is that, "laughter is the closest distance between two people". And I wholeheartedly agree.
  7. Fun - I'm 26 and am career obsessed and don't do a lot of drinking and so forth but I like the option that I could and every so often when I'm feeling a certain kind of way I wanna go HAM on the town and I want him on my arm!
  8. Unpretentious - I'm a born Midwesterner so I was raised around simple folk who made a living for a living (if ya know what I mean), moving to the bigger cities I've gotten to see how pretentious (especially in show biz) ppl can be. When you think you're better than a person or situation you limit your own joy and I won't be having any of that.
  9. Spiritual - In whatever form.
  10. Honest.
  11. Likes the outdoors but let's me sleep in the car when we camp! (lol to sleeping outside when ticks and Bears are not just a part of my active imagination)
  12. Good to his mama.
  13. Fine, yes, and his father as well.
  14. Just...the whole family, he's good to the whole family.
  15. Likes animals.
  16. Gets approval @mia
  17. Accepts all my weird ticks and oddities (apparently at this point he's just a full-fledged saint)
  18. Is artistic/appreciative of art, but doesn't have to be a creative.
  19. Will allow me to continue eating in bed.
  20. Which reminds me, I hope he likes all my shows.
  21. And I hope he loves music but doesn't make me stand at concerts :)