I have an inside source. That's really all I can say.
  1. 5. Screamin' - How many times have I walked the California Adventure pier, excited to ride the only roller coaster there, to see it's closed for repairs (5 times). I discovered (from my source) Screaming has a kink in the track that constantly gets the coaster stuck with ppl upside down. Nope.
  2. 4. Soarin' - But not why you think. The ride is structurally sound. It breaks down every once in a while, but no biggie. What concerns me deeply is the febreeze that sprays scents like pine and wine at our unsuspecting noses. It for sure gave me a migraine, and *not confirmed* might be cancerous.
  3. 3. The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh - This ride gave my friend an acid flashback. Be warned.
  4. 2. Tower of Terror - More like Tower of...ok Tower of Terror will do. The fact that ppl ride this for fun. Good, God. It's seatbelt is basically cardboard, you're 100's of feet in the air, and guess what, this thing gets stuck more days than it's unstuck! You want ghosts? Go stay at a Hampton Inn.
  5. 1. Space Mountain - *Takes deep breath* There are 100's of heads littered on the floor of Space Mtn. I'm 6'3 and if I don't crouch in the ride my hair gets sliced and diced (not a humblebrag). Cheaper than a haircut but also my life is on the line. It's a conspiracy more intricate than "The Jinx"!