Slay henny...slay
  1. Wow guys. Wow. Elegance. Grace. Anna likey.
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  2. Hmmm. Wow. Sarah Jessica Parker, man. She really changes it up, man.
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  3. Still would.
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  4. Can't believe the queen isn't busy changing diapers, man. Can't believe she came. Woah. Cool.
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  5. Legendary, man. Legendary. Can't believe she showed those children that it's still her city. Wow. Like. History. Or more like Herstory.
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  6. Heard she hunts her own meats, man. That girl can do anything. Divergent for life.
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  7. Almost there, man. Needs a little more. You'll figure it out. Good try, good try.
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  8. All you 5's need to listen up when a 10 is talking man.
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