In no particular order.
  1. Seinfeld - Of course. I only liked Kramer when I was young, but now I enjoy them all, especially when Jerry starts getting giggly and looks like he's going to break.
  2. Friends - At the time I adored it, but now I can hardly remember anything besides the break.
  3. The O.C. - My family worshipped this show. My brother lived 30 minutes away and drove home every Thursday night to watch with us. I've never loved any fictional character more than Seth Cohen.
  4. Sex & The City - I have to mention this one bc it makes me laugh that my parents didn't care that my teen sister and I watched this with them. My dad and my mom both thought this show was the bees knees and my dad even went to see the second movie but found it offensive/absurd and walked out. Lol.
  5. Rupaul's Drag Race - My family is super gay I guess idk. My dad and brother both have their favorite drag queens (Raven and JuJubee respectively). Fun fact - My grandmother was in hospice at our house and liked to watch Rupaul for the outfits (my grandma = Blanche Dubois). When she passed my grandma, Miss. Ida Belle Smith, was watching Drag Race.
  6. Game Of Thrones - When I still lived in Indiana all the boys huddled around the TV to watch and dissect this amazing show. Even now we always text right after to hear everyone's thoughts.
  7. Will & Grace - This was pre-coming out so I was always like, "lol those queers say the darnedest things!"
  8. 30 Rock - My favorite show to watch. Period. I fall asleep to 30 Rock on most nights. I used to come home from college and watch with my mom and she'd compare me to Jenna the entire time.
  9. Suddenly Susan - I think my dad and I both had a thing for Brooke Shields. God Kathy Griffin is funny.
  10. Chappelle Show - My mom's fave. She used to show the Rick James clips to her nurse friends.
  11. We watched A LOT of TV p.s.
  12. The Office - Genius. Not just tooting his horn but @bjnovak wrote the funniest/most touching episodes. Season 2 was like a wire act of tension between Jim and Pam - my whole fam was more invested in their love story than our own lives. We re-watched seasons 1-5 over Xmas and it's as fresh as ever.
  13. That 70's Show - My family has always liked shows about teens. Plus my parents lived through it so they liked the jokes.
  14. Buffy - The season two cliffhanger made my dad burst into tears. And my sister didn't go to school the next day she was so upset.