A follow up to "Fictional Characters I Wish I Was Cool Enough to Relate To"
  1. Craig (Parks and Rec)
  2. Moaning Myrtle
  3. The Patil twins at the Yule Ball
    When Harry and Ron are being dumb and moping bc they didn't get their first choice date so they (the twins) sit there while their dates ignore them
  4. Josh Nichols as a weatherman
  5. Brick Tamland
    Perhaps I'm destined to be a dopey meteorologist
  6. Donkey (Shrek)
  7. Colin Creevey
  8. The girls in Pitch Perfect who say "we've literally been here the whole time" bc everyone forgot about them
  9. Eunice (She's the Man)
    "I'm sure Eunice is available!"
  10. T.B. Player (That Thing You Do!)
  11. Every Judy Greer character where she's the snarky best friend
  12. Duckie (Pretty in Pink)
  13. Eponine (Les Miserables)
    We similarly dressed up as male soldiers and got shot