This might as well be my résumé
  1. Making playlists, especially for someone else
  2. Staying up really late and waking up early and feeling mostly okay
  3. Washing spoons without making a mess
  4. Giving back massages
  5. Self-scheduling for classes
  6. Just Dance
  7. Casting my friends in movies, tv shows, musicals, etc. and being 100% accurate
  8. Excel spreadsheets
    This was newly discovered bc my math class has a lot of Excel projects
  9. Karaoke
  10. Procrastinating
  11. Using emojis 🆗🆒
  12. Adding hilarious commentary to whatever I'm watching
    This talent isn't always appreciated
  13. Watching any Parks and Rec episode for the nth time and thinking it's just as funny as it was the first million times
  14. Giving hugs
  15. Socializing with dogs more than people at parties