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  1. Use of storage
    Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive
  2. Photoshopping and video editing skills
  3. Takes advantage of all levels of social media
    TweetDeck, coding
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  1. Social media user with standard use
    FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
  2. Word processing capabilities
  3. Limited media editing abilities
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  1. Institutional hypocrisy in the name of authoritative power and tradition
  2. Political psychology in leadership
  3. Implicit validation of hateful acts through misuse of influence
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  1. I've got hot sauce in my bag, swag
    Formation - Beyoncé
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  1. My laptop isn't charged
  2. My laptop is updating itself
  3. My phone is on 6%
  4. I had 3 pm coffee #
A list to only further trigger my indecisiveness. Food is in no particular order.
  1. Pad Thai
    PROS: big meal that fill you up, is a savoury dish that is sweet (Again, indecisiveness). CONS: inconsistency of flavour between each dish/restaurant, sometimes too sweet, oily, or too big of a portion.
  2. Pistachios
    PROS: Can practice discipline, great procrastination tool. CONS: I am lazy and impatient.
  3. Peanut Butter
    PROS: versatility, snackability, has nuts. CONS: allergy alert mode needed, sometimes too sweet, easily can get into phases when I'm over it, need to put extra butter and sugar in desert form.
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  1. I'm in a hospital waiting room
  2. I'm not sure my lipstick colour matches my sporty aesthetic
  3. I'm quietly muttering the answers to a game show that is on TV to myself
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  1. Chewing gum
  2. Drinking too much coffee for my age
  3. Drinking coffee when I feel like shit
    This does nothing to improve my mood by the way. It just makes me feel overly caffeinated while still feeling like shit
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