These are just off the top of my head. Could really use some help @djkevykev @cescaboy22 @jgargargargar @bill @harrigan
  1. Chipotle
    Quesarito, everything on it, meat: "surprise me". Sit around while everyone else eats, then take it home...and put an egg on it
  2. Chick fil a
    Go in ask for Janice, if she's not working, then Cindy is. Introduce yourself ask how the kids are doing, see if Brad (her husband) finally got that promotion @cescaboy22 knows what I'm talking about. Finally ask for the simmons special, hint: it's just a number 1 with no pickles then...go home and put an egg on it
  3. In n out
    Number 1, grilled onions, animal fries, and a neapolitan shake. Again don't eat it with your friends, bring that bad boy home guessed it put an egg on it (are we starting to see a theme here?) for extra effect combine the animal fries with the burger
  4. The go to dessert
    Two peanut butter cookies sandwiched between Ben and jerrys Peanut butter ice cream with Skippy Extra Crunchy™ peanut butter and Nutella. If you can fit a Dunkin Donuts donut in there, by all means. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't put an egg on this one a time or two as well
  5. The latest healthy alternative
    An entire head of lettuce doused in trader joes salsa, a chicken breast covered in every spice in my pantry, and half a can of black beans
  6. The original "Simmons Special"
    Two trader joes square hash browns, cream cheese, pesto, Don Juan chorizo, melted cheddar cheese, and a fried egg on top of a poppy seed bagel
  7. Parking spot
    @wall's driveway far enough to the right so the mirror scrapes against the bushes and you have to move the trashcans
    Suggested by @TrevorHarrigan