I really wish I wrote more of these down...Kilgariff get on list app already I need your help
  1. The Original Simmons special: two trader joes square hash browns, cream cheese, pesto, Don Juan chorizo, melted cheddar cheese, and a fried egg on top of a poppy seed bagel
  2. Little Caesars pizza wrapped around a McGangbag (a McDouble inside a McChicken)
  3. Chicken enchilada with sour cream and onion Pringle crumbles
  4. Pesto tortellini bowl with a fried egg and crab cakes
  5. The Simmons Sri Lanka Special
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    A traditional Sri Lankan rotti (triangle shaped piece of pita bread stuffed with potatoes, spices, and chicken) on a piece of bread with cashews for an extra crunch (see picture for reference)