My babcia's babkas never fail...for her. You know how it is with the best cooks and bakers: No matter how many instructions you write, pictures or videos you take, there's no way you can replicate exactly how they do it. Either way, had a great time learning how to make this traditional cake. Now to only find the right pan before Easter 🐣
  1. Eggs
  2. Sugar
    2/3 or 3/4...she did not a full 1/2 cup twice 😂 she says to remember that if it's not sweet enough, you sprinkle powdered sugar on top anyways
  3. Mix
    Starts to foam a little or a few seconds after combined
  4. Oil ...1 cup?
    Mix until foaming. She had it on the highest power at this point. She said you can mix this for however long.
  5. Flour and baking powder alternating
    2 cups flour. 2 rounded teaspoons bp, 1 normal tsp bp
  6. Orange juice
    1 cup
  7. Probs add another half cup flour
    Watch video for consistency
  8. Pour in however much you want into pan
  9. In the rest mix 3 tsp cocoa and mix with spatula
    Remember to sift so it mixes nice
  10. Take a tbsp, and reach to the bottom of pan, and twist for design
  11. Static
  12. Static
  13. Static
  14. Baking time was 30 min start, but then she turned it down and just watched for colour...I will be winging this part in the future.
  15. VOILA!
  16. Pyszne 👅😊 I can only hope my attempts at least turn out edible. Had a great time baking with babcia though. At 92 she's still got it 💓💪