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Because I'm moving jobs and have 2 months off
  1. Wash my car
    Because I'm a boring adult
  2. Work on some home projects
    Because work is somehow my hobby?
  3. Eat some strange foods
    Because I'm curious
  4. Drink some tequila
    Because sometimes I'm fun
@christinahernandez is my bougiest friend
  1. All St Mackas mcGBs
  2. Commanding me to retweet her
  3. Being trash
Ariana dropped her album yesterday so I thought I'd give it a quick and dirty review while I'm at work.@
  1. Moonlight and I Don't Care
    These sound like a throwback to Ariana's Yours Truly, a style that was noticeably absent on My Everything.
  2. Nicki's verse on Side to Side
    Something about these two brings out the best in Ariana
  3. Horns in Greedy
    This will be a hit on the radio. Reminds me of The Weeknd and Bruno Mars.
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  1. Ferdinand
  2. Kafka
  3. Schubert