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  1. Bad Accents
    A Long Island New Yoh'k accent? Minnesota? Wisconsin? Valley Girl? Bad English Posh accent? Russian accent? French accent? Italian accent? I can do it all (badly)!
  2. Latin and Ancient Greek
    ...unless it's a government time machine mission, Latin and AG are useless for a real world job 💔
  3. Last Minute Meals
    I can make delicious weirdly good meals with scraps from my pantry/fridge. I made an awesome Thai soup with leftover mushrooms, jalapeños, ginger, and coconut milk!
  4. Quote Random TV shows
    Portlandia, Parks and Rec, Gilmore Girls, The Office??? ALL the things! I can recite random lines at random moments.
As some of you know, I'm in grad school doing Lit in all sorts of languages. Unfortunately, some professors make us repeat the stupidest of words.
  1. Renforcer
    It literally means "reinforce." Anyone who has taking at least two French classes knows how to pronounce this.
  2. La Cinématographie
    You know what it means. 🙄
  3. Le chagrin
    Embarrassment or disappointment. And, oh! Chagrin!
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  1. Falling asleep on the couch together
  2. Holding hands as we fall asleep
  3. Drinking sangría on his front porch
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My office mate loves having the radio on and I have realized what songs I truly hate with my entire being.
  1. Two Princes-Spin Doctors
    Oh, I'm sure you think you don't know this song, BUT you do. It's that annoying 90s song where these two one hit wonders go "Just got ahead now" for four entire minutes. Fuck this song
  2. You can't always get what you want-The Rolling Stones
    DON'T lie. You hate this song along with each ridiculous cover of it.
  3. One Way or Another-Blondie
    Same with the Stones. This song sucks and everyone insists on bringing it back every friggin' year. #NO
  4. There are plenty more and I want to hear your suggestions
  1. 1.
    @Netflix doesn't have Le Petit Prince (an original FRENCH film based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's book) available in its original FRENCH audio
  2. 2.
    That's all...
Starting from the very first interaction with dating. Inspired by @marykathryn
  1. The One where she dates a comic artist and he draws her a comic that says he'll kiss her for her birthday...Two weeks go by, she gets tired of waiting and kisses him instead.
    Should have known from the start
  2. The One where she dates a guy her friend dated for a week. He breaks up with her after a couple of months, cheats on her with another girl, and gets a different girl pregnant.
    But like seriously, my taste in men suck.
  3. The One where she goes out with a guy and he tells her he loves her and wants to marry her after dating for a week.
    Ted Mosby, anyone?
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  1. My sister's cat is adorable
  3. Like seriously...
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Inspired by @dubstep
  1. The Terrace re-opened
    That means Summer. Always.
  2. Just look at it
    I have Madlove for it.
  3. Arboretum
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I finally finished submitting grades, writing papers, and doing all school-related things...and then my body decided to get sick.
  1. Eat Soup
    ...that the lovely @dubstep brought me
  2. Read Murakami
    ...or try
  3. Watch The Office
    Nothing like Michael Scott humor to cheer you up
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Thanks for the request @jasoncheng !
  1. Books, books, books
    From simple characters to complicate ones in foreign lands, I LOVE reading beautiful stories. Last Spring Break, I spent so much time reading Murakami books.
  2. Music
    I love sitting in my room playing the guitar or the ukulele. ❤️
  3. Loved ones
    Nothing better than spending time with friends and family.
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