Here we go...
  1. Small Town "Charm"
    Guys, I lived in a beautiful, yet scary, small town in Nowheresville, Puerto Rico. It wad haunted by underage Greek Life, adults behaving like children, and kids behaving like adults.
  2. College, Here I go
    Life really began when I went to university. It really did. I did more growing up in four years than in my whole life put together
  3. From Rio to Rio
    I went to school in a district called Río Piedras and after that, I was lucky enough to go to Rio de Janeiro. This trip truly changed my life.
  4. Lost in the Midwest
    Somehow I was accepted into the University of Wisconsin-Madison (one of the best schools in the world). This meant I left a beautiful tropical island in order to move to this crazy land called the Frozen Tundra
  5. Life-changing Game
    Over a year ago, my life was turned upside-down and I had no clue what to do. Thus, I challenged myself to try something new everyday until I found comfort...and I did through travel, friends, and adventures.
  6. The Dating Game
    ...this chapter should have a book of its own.
  7. Grad School Life, yo
    Although this is my third year of grad school, it is still one of the most challenging things I'm pursuing!
  8. To Be Continued...
    I'm still growing and changing, but will continue to put on a happy face through the trials and complications of life