Fave Albums of All Time

  1. The Suburbs-Arcade Fire
    This album was a masterpiece when I heard it in 2010 and it is STILL one of my favorite albums of all time. It is just perfect. It reminds me of college though...
  2. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Soundtrack
    This seems like an odd inclusion to my list, but the soundtrack includes some of my fave artists: Of Monsters and Men, Junip, and José González ❤️
  3. Abbey Road-The Beatles
    It's a classic...'nuff said
  4. The Ladder-Andrew Belle
    If I could choose an album to be the music score to my fictional coming-of-age movie, this would be it. I hold this album dear to my heart and even have a signed copy from the Chicago-born brilliant artist
  5. The Golden Age-Woodkid
    This French dude is brilliant. I love you and Iron are two of my faves
  6. Fleet Foxes-Fleet Foxes
    I have been obsessed with this album for over a year. I cannot get tired of it!!!
  7. 21-Adele
    As great as 25 is, 21 was an amazing album. The songs are just beautiful: lyrics, melody, and all!
  8. Babel-Mumford and Sons
    I really did not like their last album, but this one will always be one of my faves