My Dating History as a Quirky Sitcom

Starting from the very first interaction with dating. Inspired by @marykathryn
  1. The One where she dates a comic artist and he draws her a comic that says he'll kiss her for her birthday...Two weeks go by, she gets tired of waiting and kisses him instead.
    Should have known from the start
  2. The One where she dates a guy her friend dated for a week. He breaks up with her after a couple of months, cheats on her with another girl, and gets a different girl pregnant.
    But like seriously, my taste in men suck.
  3. The One where she goes out with a guy and he tells her he loves her and wants to marry her after dating for a week.
    Ted Mosby, anyone?
  4. The One where she keeps dating that guy for three years and he breaks up with her over the phone.
    I don't make great life decisions sometimes, guys!
  5. The One where she goes out with a guy who started doing the 36 questions to fall in love on the second date. She was completely unaware that this was what was even happening
    Wait, what, how???
  6. The One where she gets ghosted by a guy ten years older than her and then he calls her two weeks after that to say: "I don't know if you noticed, but I'm not interested in you anymore."
    No shit, Sherlock!
  7. The One where she goes out with a guy for a month, but he doesn't make a move until a week before his three month trip to Asia. Leaving them to do long distance during that time and inevitably breaking up.
  8. The One where she makes dinner for a Princeton guy, he brings her expensive chocolates, eats the entire meal and then gracefully announces that he has feelings for his ex girlfriend and can't get into another relationship.
    What the fuck, brah?
  9. The One where her work spouse invites her out for drinks as a "group thing" and it ends up being a blatant double date set up with his boyfriend and his blond friend....
  10. ...however, she surprisingly ended up meeting her current partner who makes all of those other experiences seem meaningless. A man who surprised her then and constantly keeps doing so...
  11. Three Cheers for Work Spouses