Reasons Paris Geller From Gilmore Girls Is My Spirit Animal

When I watched Gilmore Girls in high school, I always identified with Rory because I was a bookish nerd who would have rather sat in a corner reading a book than talk to the cool kids. Now that I'm in my twenties, I realize Paris had it right all along. #gilmoregirls @gilmoreguys
  1. She has no patience for people
    ...and neither do I. I work in a tiny office with people who do very little work or complain 99.9% of the time when their work has to do with bullshit research topics.
  2. Because she wants to be proud of the life she lives
    ME TOO, Paris. I don't want to reread my biography from the afterworld and puke! I want to be proud of my accomplishments.
  3. She tells it like it is.
    If we're not friends, I don't need to hear all of your drama. Save that conversation for your mother, friends, or therapist!
  4. Because she's honest.
    This goes along with the "she tells it like it is" and "no patience for people" items.
  5. She's not a patient person
    ...and neither am I!!
  6. Men<Chinese Food
    Men can be trouble and Chinese food will always be there to help you.
  7. She's a realist
    She is aware of the limited power of her beauty.
  8. Paris is a role model, y'all!