Summer 2016: a Photographic Essay

Inspired by @dubstep
  1. The Terrace re-opened
    That means Summer. Always.
  2. Just look at it
    I have Madlove for it.
  3. Arboretum
  4. Trip to DC
  5. ...where I nailed my bridesmaid makeup...
  6. ...and saw friends getting married!
  7. Pitstop in Chicago
    This is the boyfriend cleaning my dishes.
  8. Trip to Notre Dame
    South Bend was interesting, but the ND campus was so beautiful
  9. Basilica Architecture
  10. Green Dinner
    Du poulet et des raviolis aux champignons
  11. Green Attire
  12. Tandem Biking
    He didn't want to. I convinced him. It was awesome
  13. Back in Madison R&R with him
    Greek with the boyfriend is one of my favorite things...
  14. Outdoor Patios
  15. Yummy breakfasts
    ...avocado toast, y'all!
  16. Fancy Weddings
  17. Boating and Tubing at Lake Geneva
  18. ...and sitting in a giant chair!
  19. Shake the Lake in Madison
  20. Porch Drinking with Friends...
  21. ...and a LOT more to come! ❤️