1. Because we're complimentary
    ENTPs are engaging and entertaining while we INFJs tend to be more wary and quiet.
  2. Because our chemistry is insane
    Seriously...even the first time I saw my boyfriend, I was struck by his looks and laid-backness. The first time we kissed was amazing. We're not only physically compatible, but we're also intellectually compatible.
  3. We're good conversation partners
    ENTPs and INFJs love sharing ideas and concepts. The boyfriend and I could talk for hours about all the topics we have in common and more!
  4. ENTPs are quirky and INFJs are (secretly) quirky
    The boyfriend is probably one of the weirdest people I have ever met (and that's a compliment). When I'm around him, I feel like I can jump around, be silly, and be myself.
  5. Extroversion/Introversion
    ENTPs appreciate the INFJ quietness and the INFJ enjoys the active social pursuit of the ENTP.
  6. ENTPs love discovering new things and INFJs have a billion layers
    This is why this combinations works! The ENTP curiosity will never end because there's a lot to discover from the INFJ.