Field Trip to the Neanderthal Museum

We took our Grade 5 classes on an amazing field trip today! We're learning about Evolution in Science class, and our school is coincidentally less than an hour's drive from the Neander Valley, or Neanderthal in German. This was where the first "Neanderthal" skeletons were discovered in the mid-19th century! (Near Düsseldorf).
  1. I'm actually going to change gears and focus on the architecture and interior design of the building. Very cool! Built in 1996 by architects Zamp Kelp, Julius Krauss and Arno Brandlhuber.
  2. So curvy, yet so boxy.
  3. Not quite Brutalist inside, but just enough concrete to make you feel like you're in a public library in Toronto.
  4. Love it!
  5. A thought-provoking list in Exhibition Number 7.
  6. Zoomed-in on the English part. What are YOUR thoughts regarding the answers to these questions?
  7. And since we're in Germany, of course the gift shop has beer brewed by the museum. Picked up a bottle when the kids were in the bathroom. Time to party like it's 40 000 BCE!