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the atmosohere, the cosplay, the art, the energy, the enthusiasm, and the kindness! I had a blast. til next time, #NYCC!
  1. My absolute favorite
  2. #JusticeForBarb
  3. I lived for spotting all things "Stranger Things" related
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  1. Ben Wyatt
  2. Jim Halpert
  3. Pacey Witter
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No one ever texts me, but this is what I screenshot and text to people. Or I screenshot things for my own reference.
  1. I caught Jinx!
    Hightlight of my week.
  2. The Rock loves Nick Jonas
    I meant to share this with my cousin. My brothers/family grew up watching and loving wrestling but hated my love for Nick. Look at our two worlds colliding now!
  3. Zubats are taking over
    They're everywhere. In starting to think it's a Zubat world and we're all just living in it.
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  1. When the lights went out and Coldplay was about to go on
    Our bracelets all lit up red and I looked around the stadium as tears filled up my eyes. I couldn't believe I was there. That I was finally seeing one of my all time favorite bands live. Also, just something about stadiums gets me emotional. It's so beautiful seeing when thousands come together in the name of music. Music is a universal language that unites us all.
  2. The Scientist
    The song they played before this was "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" YES EVERY TEAR DROP IS A WATERFALL NOW
  3. Paradise
    Again, this song mentions how "every tear, a waterfall"
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My name is Paula, P to AU-LA (did that work? or was that totally lame?) Anyway, here are a few things that are essential to me and make me who I am.
  1. Purple is my favorite color
    It is the color of my spirit, the color of my soul, and the color on my nails. I love any and all things of this color. Also, I am the purple cat.
  2. Breakfast food over everything
    Except maybe French fries.
  3. The Jonas Brothers changed my life
    It's been ten years, and I'm still into them. But I'm so incredibly thankful for the friends I've made through them and memories I'll cherish forever.
  4. My family is awesome
    I'm so family oriented. They mean the world to me. And I have the cutest nephews ever.