Everything I loved about NYCC 2016

the atmosohere, the cosplay, the art, the energy, the enthusiasm, and the kindness! I had a blast. til next time, #NYCC!
  1. My absolute favorite
  2. #JusticeForBarb
  3. I lived for spotting all things "Stranger Things" related
  4. Another favorite! Bring on the dancing lobsters!
  5. What a great panel
  6. This was just a great idea for a photo op
  7. I love poster desgins like this
  8. Too cute!
  9. Not so tiny Groot
  10. Nostalgia at its finest
  11. Pure joy
  12. Dreams come true
  13. I love everything about this
  14. Got to put my brother in a choke hold hold for this photo op!
  15. Got this free comic from the brilliant guys behind Big Hero 6! They were far too kind!
  16. The artist alley was so spectacular. Filled with not only tremendous talent but genuine kindness. I love the art community!