Because life isn't all Omaha Steaks and fur coats for dogs.
  1. Merging into traffic
    Oprah's not super into driving, but this is definitely the worst part.
  2. The song "I Can't Feel My Face" by The Weeknd
    Oprah just doesn't GET IT. Is it a drug reference or...????
  3. Ann Taylor Loft
    Oprah understands that, sure, other people like it. But she just can't ever FIND anything in there, try as she might.
  4. Pedicures, TBH
    Oprah's not a "foot lady".
  5. Green tea
    Oprah just says she likes it to seem cool.
  6. Roller Coasters
    But Oprah doesn't mind holding your bags while YOU ride it.
  7. The Barefoot Contessa
    Ina just rubs Oprah the wrong way, for some reason.