I regularly freak out that, somehow, my curling iron has developed Super Strength and I've left it plugged in and it will absolutely burn down the whole building. To stop me from worrying, I take a picture of it unplugged every day when I leave. Here are some highlights.
  1. Nov. 6
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    Definitely unplugged.
  2. Oct. 28
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  3. Oct. 19
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    This one's fun because you can see my broken Beyonce Midnight Heat perfume bottle in the back.
  4. Sept. 10
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    The "I just cleaned the bathroom" edition.
  5. Aug. 14
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    Still unplugged.
  6. July 30
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    Still have never literally never left it plugged in.
  7. June 18
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    Touching it to prove that it's not also on (invisible) fire.