1. I scratched her belly 3 times, and she only wanted 2.
    This happens a lot.
  2. I was wearing shoes inside.
    And she'd just swept the floor.
  3. I was watching 30 Rock on Netflix.
    She'd already seen that episode. Twice.
  4. I walked by her and made eye contact.
    That was rude of me.
  5. I walked by her and DIDN'T make eye contact.
    That was even more rude of me.
  6. I tried to open the refrigerator.
    She'd already eaten.
  7. I called her "Little Taco".
    That is not her name.
  8. She didn't want me to move the blanket.
    She wasn't under it or anything. She just liked it where it was.
  9. I took a picture of her paw.
    Her eyes are up here.
  10. It was nighttime.
    She wanted it to be daytime.