(Besides while making this list, I guess.)
  1. 🇲🇴
    It is National Macau Day and BOY OH BOY, am I excited!!! (Also, in this situation, I can locate Macau on a map.)
  2. 🕢
    I'm being held hostage and have to text the police the secret codes to free us (the code is "730") but - bad news - the villains have broken all of the keys on my phone keyboard except for emojis, I guess.
  3. 📵
    "Just texting you to remind you that you don't have a phone!"
  4. 🗜
    It's 3 AM. The phone rings. I pick up - it's President Barack Obama. "Help!" he says. "I had a dream about a little metal object that's maybe like for woodworking or something? Looks like it could do that? Anyway, I don't need the actual object, just a tiny picture of it. Do you have that?!?" Oh, I do, Mr. President. And here it is.
  5. 👥
    "Don't look now but there are 2 shadow monsters behind you!!"
  6. 📉
    I've started a major global corporation but we've...we've fallen into a rough patch. I need to tell my investors that we're losing $$ but times are tough, and we only have the budget for 1-character-texts. Thank goodness for this one.
  7. 🏺
    There is no situation that I would use this emoji.