1. Our age - we should be able to fall back a year annually, just so we can have that extra bit of energy in the non-summer months
  2. Our size - if we could automatically drop a size for half the year, the joy we'd feel would far outweigh the hassle of having to keep two different sets of clothes in the closet
  3. Our bank accounts - any opportunity to have our bank balances spring forward without us having to do anything to make it happen has a pretty obvious appeal
  4. Our looks - if I could either spring forward to being one bit more attractive or fall back to being one bit less unattractive on a yearly basis, well ... you do the math
  5. Our confidence - having our self-esteem spring forward as summer approaches could make the swim suit months a much less tortuous time, although the sudden over-abundance of men in Speedos could make this a non-starter