Because you need ideas like a hole in the head. Still. #featureCreep
  1. Links to lists that expand
    This very simply allows for nested lists, created by links to other lists. Auto-expanding, auto-updating, powerful.
  2. Higher contrast
    You may be light-grey hipsters but I'm a middle aged nerd who needs higher contrast for reading, scanning etc.
  3. Oembed support
    This allows a wider range of item types without having to code them in
  4. OPML support
    I'm a nerd who likes outlining and OPML rocks
  5. Hashtags
    They just work, every system benefits from them
  6. Realtime collaborative editing
    You went crazy and allowed editing in the first place, take it into collaborative space.
  7. A website
    Because I can type faster on desktop than mobile and list, list, list!
  8. Export/import
    Walled gardens are for haters. Let us roam.
  9. API
    So you don't have to build all of the above yourselves