1. You never tell me your feeling
  2. I have no idea what you're thinking at
  3. We are next to each other all day
  4. And never say anything
  5. Why don't you tell me where are you going?
  6. Why would you let me go?
  7. Do something to stop me
  8. Or don't, I'm just leaving
  9. Your hand is cold, I'll put some gloves
  10. I think it's time to say goodbye
  11. Or just think about it, because you wouldn't mind
  12. I can keep walking letting you behind me
  13. And never coming back
  14. Because I know that soon I'll find another
  15. Another that will do the same
  16. Will be just there
  17. That will never tell me where are going
  18. That will never tell me where to go
  19. And will never do anything to make me stay
  20. Will just turn around unblocking the way
  21. And I'll know this will happen all the time
  22. This will happen forever
  23. You're all just doors
  24. There's anything you can do
  25. I need to stop expecting anything else
  26. Just shake your hand and leave