There are far too many similarities between sex and startups. Here are some of them.
  1. Everyone wants to do it, but not everyone is.
  2. Everyone wants to be good at it. But not everyone is.
  3. Reading books on the subject can help.
  4. Actual practice helps more.
  5. Having a good partner helps even more.
  6. It doesn't always last as long as you'd like it to.
  7. Doing it alone isn't nearly as much fun.
  8. Success often depends on the upfront hype
  9. Success always depends on doing the right things (until the end).
  10. Insecurities don't help. Sometimes you just need to close your eyes and dive right in.
  11. It gets better when you focus on it.
  12. Sometimes things hurt.
  13. You shouldn't be planning for the exit before you've even gotten started.
  14. It pays to take care of yourself.
  15. It pays to take precautions.