1. It is what it is
    A is A - Aristotle
  2. No one is coming...
    No one is coming to guide you or save you. Be self-sufficient. - Nathaniel Branden
  3. The idea that "no one will know" is forgetting that YOU will know.
  4. A true apology indicates strength not weakness
  5. Revenge eats you, not them
  6. Friendship is conditional - it requires that both parties be 'friend-ly'
  7. They are not thinking of you as much as you like to think
  8. They are not talking about you as much as you like to think
  9. Unless you are 5 minutes early, you are late
  10. Generosity begets generosity but be generous without the need for recognition
  11. That 'everyone else is doing it' is a poor excuse to join them
  12. Smile first
  13. Don't waste too much time talking about doing stuff - get busy actually going stuff
  14. You already won the lottery just being born.
  15. Sometimes the wolf has two legs
  16. March to the best of your own drum
  17. Fish with a bigger net
  18. Right living is all about ignorance removal
  19. Choose your heroes wisely
  20. Taking offence to the snide remarks of others is a waste of time
  21. You can observe a lot just by eatching
  22. Judge and always be prepared to be judhed
  23. Don't complain and don't explain
  24. Stop waiting for your purpose to be revealed to you and make your own purpose
  25. You get the love that you allow
  26. Pay more - and get more
  27. Charge more and provide more
  28. Showing blind loyalty to a friend is an act of disloyalty to oneself
  29. Every person dies but few truly live
  30. Just because a relationship ends does not mean it failed
  31. One's reach should always exceed one's grasp
  32. Get on with the fascination
  33. Stop taking things so personally and just get on with your agenda
  34. Give peace a chance
  35. Money is not the root of all evil because productive work is the true root of all money
  36. You can't win the lottery if you don't play but you also can't lose your money if you don't play
  37. Ignore rabbit tracks when you're chasing a beat
  38. Embrace a constancy of purpose
  39. I am what I am? No. You are what you are becoming
  40. Work only with people of high ethics and positive outlook
  41. Respect religious and social differences to the full extent that your own differences are respected
  42. Just get from point a to point b several times a day and you will get far ivrrvtime
  43. Get the long view and don't be so shortsighted literally and figuratively
  44. Don't take their bait
  45. This too shall pass
  46. Wish them well and mean it
  47. Hold your fire
  48. Be worthy and people will reward you
  49. Envy is utterly pointless - accept that there are greater and lesser people than you everywhere and just get on with your life
  50. Live to eat to live
  51. You don't need to attract 500 romantic partners - just one good one
  52. Imagine no problems - only solutikns
  53. Do not let the worst mistakes of your life define you
  54. Take the long way home
  55. Be on good terms with all prople
  56. Ask yourself - is this the hill I want to die on - choose your battles wisely
  57. Choose to be happy
  58. Sleep more
  59. You don't get something for nothing
  60. Be adept at adaptation
  61. A door closes - a window opens
  62. Focus on the customer not the competio
  63. Each day is not one day closer to death - it is one more day filled with opportunity and choices that could lead you to a longer life
  64. Say less - listen more
  65. You can be forthright without being rude which is better than staying silent and having your opinion revealed passive-aggressively
  66. Be kind to strangers - sometimes you are one
  67. 90% of homeless people are just nuts and only 10% are lazy scoundrels so give money to them all knowing that at least 90% of what you give is for the good
  68. Just when you think you can't possibly take a holiday, that is when you really need the holiday
  69. Being rich comes from more than having lots of money in the bank - you can also be rich with experiences, kindness, advice, support, and happiness
  70. Want what you have got
  71. De-clutter your living and working space in order to de-clutter your mind
  72. Getting lots of rest and daily exercise and proper food won't cure depression but it will help alot
  73. Life is not a zero sum game - you don't need others to lose in order for you to win and even win big. The artist does not paint at the expense of the guy who only just dreams about painting
  74. Change what you can - accept what you can't change and always be sure you know the fifference
  75. Stop peering into other people's lives and get busy living your own
  76. A bar of soap does not cost very much
  77. Embrace the moment - worry about the future will bring the grey hairs that you fear - rumination about the past is a waste of time
  78. Blaming your parents especially if they are dead is basically futile and pointless
  79. Take personal responsibility for your own happiniess
  80. No, integrity does not equate with being honest - integrity just means that what you do and what you profess are in alignment
  81. If you're in for a penny then be in for a pound
  82. Heaven is usually just a dream kingdom for people who don't realize that heaven is right here right now
  83. You are mostly made of water do replenish your body regularly and stop poisoning your body with excessive alcohol and other garbage
  84. Take the call
  85. Put your damn phone down and actually look around you (especially if you are driving)
  86. Move out of your way
  87. Ask yourself constantly - how's this working for me?
  88. Don't spend all your capital
  89. Do it now or schedule it or delegate it or delete it
  90. Don't be afraid to ask and don't be afraid of the word no
  91. Don't let it go tongue head
  92. The harder you work the more luck you tend to have
  93. Follow your bliss - life is too short to do something you hate
  94. Actually think through your opinions before you speak them
  95. Each day should have periods of total silence
  96. Know thyself
  97. Crying over spilt milk is a waste of time - grab a pail and chase another cow
  98. Judge no man til you have walked two moons in his moccasins
  99. Keep it sunny side up