Together we can find a cure
  1. More Geico commercials
    From the gecko to the caveman to the pig to the money with eyes to the rhetorical questions to Peter Pan
  2. Wikipedia begging everyone for $3
    If you can't afford to have a website then don't
  3. Alex Trebek always trying to direct the conversation to Canada
    Also stop attempting French accents
  4. "Who are you shopping for today?"
    Obviously myself
  5. Ads on everything now
    Can't even use a calculator without watching a Capella University ad
  6. Car magnets about your dog
    My Shih Tzu believes marriage is between a man and a woman
  7. Nicolas Cage movies
    Deadfall, Con Air, Gone in 60 Seconds, Bangkok Dangerous, G-Force, Stolen, Left Behind, the list goes on
  8. Nicolas Cage fans
    You either liked Adaptation or National Treasure
  9. Disease
    We'll get to this once everything above is eradicated
  10. Nicolas Cage
    The source
  11. Any more Kardashians
    Suggested by @ssteinbring