Okay so I honestly don't care what you do at the gym, but the ones who stand around on their phones the entire time in other people's way really annoy me. We all have things that bother us at the gym, right? These are the weird, annoying, and funny things everyone at my gym does (or doesn't do) on a daily basis.
  1. Stand around on their phone
    Great thumb workout
  2. Fail to clean the machine they just "used"
    Because I really want to roll around in your sweat
  3. Use the bikes as chairs while on phone
  4. Stare hardcore at themselves in the mirror
    I understand looking at yourself occasionally but mentally masturbating to your own muscles can get a little weird believe it or not
  5. Watch everything I'm doing instead of doing something themselves
  6. Play with shorts while "using" leg press
    Your shorts are going to fall up a little, no need to spend an extra hour sitting there screwing around with them while people are waiting
  7. Stand around talking about and touching each other's tattoos
  8. Go into the bathroom with dumbbells
    Pumping iron while you're dumping iron?
  9. Take selfies in the mirror
    "If you go to the gym and don't take a selfie, did you really go to the gym?"
  10. Bring milk gallon of water but doesn't drink it
  11. Use a bench just to sit and listen to music on their phone
  12. Sit in theater watching a different movie on their phone
    We have a movie theater room with equipment and like a regular movie theater, the light from your phone is distracting when I'm trying to watch what's on the big screen
  13. Lean on the weight rack while texting so I can't get to the weights
  14. Change in bathroom instead of locker room
    Also the sink is not a shower
  15. Hang out spitting into the water fountain all day
  16. Lift weights upside down behind head
    Don't break yourself
  17. Moan sexually inches from my face when squatting
  18. Sing out loud to their music
    Are you trying to get discovered?
  19. Decide to go on the treadmill right next to me rather than one of the fourteen empty ones
  20. Throw paper towels on the floor
    There are only garbage cans every ten feet
  21. Scream across the entire gym to talk to friend
  22. Snapchat to show everyone where they are
    No dogs (or dog filters) on the equipment please
  23. Leave weights and equipment laying out
  24. Doesn't wear gym clothes at the gym
    Actually props to you if you can comfortably work out in jeans and Timberland boots
  25. Talk on their phone the entire time
  26. Stand and stretch on last available treadmill instead of ever running
    Hi, I need to get on there and watch Fixer Upper
  27. Come in with a full face of makeup
    This is not a Snog Marry Avoid casting call
  28. Bathe in a whole bottle of cologne/perfume rather than with water
  29. Punch the air while walking on treadmill
    Fine up until the point where you actually almost hit me
  30. Set all their personal effects on nearby equipment
    Get a locker, a friend, deeper pockets, something
  31. Put a towel down to reserve equipment but instead walks around talking to everyone
  32. Decide to set up a mat and do yoga behind me while I'm running on the treadmill