What is it with moms and celebrity names?
  1. "The more handsome brother of the Hunger Games guy that's not Peeta"
    Chris Hemsworth
  2. "Michael Keaton's daughter with the big eyes"
    Emma Stone
  3. "The reporter that was trapped in the asylum"
    Sarah Paulson
  4. "American Hustle Batman"
    Christian Bale
  5. "The gorgeous woman who played the scary woman"
    Charlize Theron
  6. "The one from the movie with the cat"
    Oscar Isaac
  7. "Big and dopey-looking"
    Channing Tatum
  8. "The French girl"
    Marion Cotillard
  9. "My boyfriend"
    Chris O'Dowd
  10. "Our favorite Kelly in the world"