I started to forget some of the many inappropriate and incorrect things that Donald Trump has said and done so I figured it was best for all of us if there was somewhere with all these controversies that we can always look back at for reference. Because he gives us something new nearly every day, I'll probably be updating this until forever.✌🏻
  1. Mocks reporter with disability
  2. Says Mexico brings "drugs" and "rapists" to America
  3. Calls President Obama (and Clinton) the "cofounders" of ISIS
  4. Muslim ban flip-flop
  5. Disparages prisoners of war
  6. "I always wanted to get the Purple Heart"
  7. Says he's "fine" with sending U.S. citizens to Guantanamo Bay
  8. Trump butler calls for President Obama to be killed
  9. Hopes economy gets bad fast to place blame
  10. Attacks Khan family
  11. Says Putin's not in Ukraine
  12. Blames sexual assault in the military on putting men and women together
  13. Hopes Ivanka would quit if she was harassed
  14. Plans to create a database to track Muslims in the U.S.
  15. Lies about NFL letter
  16. Plans to deport U.S. citizens whose parents immigrated illegally
  17. Criticizes fire marshals
  18. Calls retired four-star marine "failed general"
  19. Says he would force the military to commit war crimes, including killing terrorists' families
  20. Invites Russia to hack Clinton emails
  21. "Blood coming out of her wherever"
  22. Seeks visas for foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago
  23. Says U.S. military support for NATO members should be conditional
  24. Trump advisor suggests executing Clinton
  25. Says Ginsburg's "mind is shot" after she criticized him
  26. Praises Saddam Hussein
  27. Encourages his supporters to beat up protesters at his rallies
  28. Tweets anti-Semitic image
  29. Praises Kim Jong-un
  30. Seeks fundraising from foreigners
  31. Lies about charitable proceeds
  32. Accuses U.S. troops of stealing money in Iraq
  33. Revokes press credentials of Washington Post
  34. Plans to shut down mosques
  35. Suggests President Obama is a terrorist sympathizer
  36. Accuses judge of bias due to "Mexican heritage"
  37. Former employees describe Trump University as a "fraudulent scheme"
  38. Missing million for veterans
  39. New York Times criticism of Trump's behavior toward women
  40. Says that he'd date his daughter
  41. Pretends to be his own publicist to brag about himself
  42. Selects a white nationalist leader as delegate
  43. Says Clinton email led to execution
  44. Tax the rich flip-flop
  45. Trumponomics
  46. Accuses Ted Cruz's father of helping to assassinate JFK
  47. Refuses to rule out nuking Europe
  48. "If we have [nuclear weapons], why can't we use them?"
  49. Says he could "shoot somebody" and wouldn't lose any voters
  50. Believes women deserve "some form of punishment" for abortion
  51. Retweets meme mocking Heidi Cruz
  52. Seeks cheap labor overseas
  53. Saw plane with money for Iran
  54. Calls for "Second Amendment people" to stop Clinton
  55. Refuses to pay contractors
  56. Says he saw thousands of American Muslims cheer on 9/11