These are all 100% real and all different girls.
  1. She brought her sister.
  2. She came into my apartment to meet up. She looked around, then decided to call it off.
  3. A girl kissed me then said "Listen, I'm FUCKED UP" while pointing at her head. We hadn't been drinking.
  4. I asked her what she did for a living. She told me she was a stripper and was very angry that I asked. Then I had to un-parallel park her car for her, which she was unhappy about.
  5. I went on an afternoon date to the scientology museum of death.
  6. Midnight screening of Eraserhead
  7. A guy who was just released from jail assumed that I was my date's pimp. He eventually took no for an answer.
  8. She threw her Starbucks drink out her car window and said, "The world is my trash can"
  9. We had our first kiss while watching German scat porn. We were both 18 and she had/has several ICP tattoos.
  10. She kept talking about her ex's teeny penis. I kept trying to change the subject.