A peek into my role playing psyche through the ages.
  1. Age 3 - Peter Pan
    I distinctly remember the smell of spear gum on my ears and the fact that I could play with a toy dagger.
  2. Age 4 - Ninja Turtle
    Cardboard shell and everything. It put the other store bought Turtles to shame.
  3. Age 5 - Egon Spengler
    With a proton pack made of vacuum cleaner parts.
  4. Age 6 - Beetlejuice
    I won a costume contest for that one. White suit with spray painted black lines and hair teased up to the sky.
  5. Age 7 - Store Bought Frankenstein
    Some kind of vinyl sheet and a plastic mask. Very minimal effort. I didn't want to involve my parents.
  6. Age 8 - Power Ranger
    The show debuted in the US two months prior. I was trendsetting!
  7. Age 9 - The Penguin
    The Danny DeVito one. I was obsessed. With Danny DeVito.
  8. Age 10 - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    Split right down the middle.
  9. Age 11 - Mr. Garrison
    My dad made Mr. Hat from manilla folders and felt. Everyone thought I was Dr. Seuss.
  10. After that I'd lost track of Halloween so further costumes were usually weird things I'd throw together the morning of. Except...
  11. Age 17 - Alex from A Clockwork Orange
    Me and a few droogs. It was gorgeousity made flesh.
  12. Age 18 - Son of Man
    More commonly known as "Guy with apple face painting from The Thomas Crown Affair."
  13. Age 23 - Dr. Strangelove
    Then I went to a party of 20 somethings who didn't quite get it.
  14. Age 25 - Hank Venture as Batman
    "I keep cutting my thongue on my mathk! It'th maddening!"
  15. Age 27 - Mime
    I didn't say a word at the party.
  16. Age 28 - Antman
    Too legitimate to quitimate. My girlfriend was The Wasp and strangers wanted pictures with us.
  17. This year... Deep Sea Diver. Let's see how that goes.